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Blueberry Boost Tea


From the point of view of Western medicine, this blueberry blend tea is an anomaly. The foundations of its creation lie in the philosophies of Eastern healing. There, the view of people, their health and the very quality of life is very holistic. They also believe that only the body can heal itself. The best a dietician or healer can do is focus on empowering the person’s body to fulfil its job of healing and restoring its balance in all areas of its metabolism and interactions. Rather than talk here of how the tea works ( please go to the “About” page for a fuller explanation), I would prefer to look at the possibilities of this approach.

The stronger a person’s inner strength is, then obviously the better positioned that person would be to deal with whatever life throws at them. Here I am including issues like diabetes, cholesterol levels, immunity disorders, chemotherapy even menopause to name a few. On the list of health benefits are also increased energy levels and enhanced healing.

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Because of the foundations and functioning of the tea, it is capable of not just empowering a person with physical issues but also of grounding and strengthening a person mentally and emotionally. We have had very positive feedback from people regarding quality of sleep, with depression, autism and ADHD, as well as drug withdrawal and recovery.

We have chosen to centre the website’s construction on communication first, then information second. The hard clinical trials of the tea are obviously very important. On the strength of Tasmania’s Menzies Research Institute’s trialling of the tea for anti diabetic properties, the ABC has aired a story on the tea regarding its ability with diabetes.

Please follow the links to the issues of personal importance to you. We have an ongoing policy of gathering personal testimonials backed up by whatever hard information we have on that particular issue. As a result the website will be continually expanding.

To be involved with a product that can have such a beneficial effect on the quality of a person’s life is a deep privilege. We do not know the true potential of what difference the tea can have for a person. However, we have had so much positive feedback from people, that it is obvious that it is not a question of “Does the tea work?’ but rather “What can the tea actually achieve?” One of the benefits of natural alternatives is the fact that base line, by trying it…. what has one to lose? After all, it just might work.

I truly offer my very best wishes that you find what you are looking for.

Carl Sykes
On behalf of myself and the Blueberry Boost Tea team of dedicated and very special people.

Blueberry Boost Tea medical trialling

Medical Trials

Medical Trials of Blueberry Boost Tea are underway at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

Health Benefits of drinking Blueberry Boost Tea

Potential Health Benefits

People who have found the tea beneficial, discuss their health issues and outcomes.

ABC story on Blueberry Boost Tea

Read the ABC Story

In 2015 the ABC ran a story about Blueberry Boost Tea’s potential benefits for diabetes.