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General Caution

As a precaution, we recommend a 30 minute gap between drinking Blueberry Boost Tea and taking medication.

The tea’s potency and effectiveness is underpinned by blueberry leaf’s property of magnifying the therapeutics of other herbs.

We have no supportive evidence, but it is theoretically possible that this may also apply to synthetic medication.


How or even if the tea will interact with a particular person is a very personal and individual experience.

There is no intent to misrepresent; make unjust claims or be misleading with the accounts on or about Blueberry Boost Tea.

On this website are personal experiences from people who have used Blueberry Boost Tea. There is no implication that their experience will apply to, have relevance to or be appropriate for anyone else. The purpose is that of communicating the possible potential of this aspect of Blueberry Boost Tea with the expectation that the reader may consider it.

Caution during pregnancy

If pregnant, please only use the tea under the guidance and supervision of a qualified herbalist/naturopath.

It is generally considered that raspberry leaves should be used with great caution during the first trimester. There is the possibility of raspberry leaves inducing a miscarriage during this period of pregnancy.

For the second and third trimesters, the tea may be beneficial – firstly as a safeguard for gestational diabetes, secondly for toning the uterus in preparation for birthing.

Because Blueberry Boost tea can be effective in stabilising hormones, it may be beneficial to use the tea after birth.


Warning with blood/sugar medication

A serious warning regarding using the tea if on insulin injections, due to the tea’s capability of also lowering blood/sugars.

Their combined influences could drop blood/sugar to dangerously low levels.

Caution with blueberries, blueberry leaves and anti diabetic drugs

If on blood/sugar medication, only use the tea under the guidance and supervision of a health care professional.

Because Blueberry Boost Tea can bring down blood/sugar levels very quickly, it is strongly advised that a diabetic using insulin injections should start with only one cup of tea a day and monitor their blood/sugar levels daily.

As a person’s blood/sugars are lowered by the tea, they will need to adjust their medication accordingly to ensure that their levels do not drop dangerously low.

Increase to two to three cups a day only when appropriate  and with due care.

Vitamin C intolerance

The tea is very high in Vitamin C.

Caution should be taken with drinking the tea if a person has a Vitamin C intolerance.