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Georgia on anxiety


“I can cope with my anxieties so much better because of the tea”


Georgia talks about anxiety

Laurie on addiction


“The tea settled my nerves and let me get focused”



Following is an account from Mr Laurie Rossiter. Laurie had come off Physeptone. Physeptone is a powerful pain killer. It is a form of artificial morphine and a high level restricted drug because it is so highly addictive. Laurie’s response to the tea was truly phenomenal.

Laurie's story about coming off Physeptone

” I had been on Physeptone for 16 years because of a serious back injury from a car crash. My back finally came good and I wanted to stop being a Physeptone junkie. I wasn’t interested in swapping Physeptone for Methadone. I wanted to be free of it all. I gradually cut back my dose then went cold turkey.
As you can imagine I was a total wreck. I couldn’t focus and it was a struggle for me to keep two thoughts together. And my nerves were all shot to hell.
I started drinking the tea the day after I went cold turkey. I felt the difference straight away. It settled my nerves and let me get focused. It helped clear the fog in my head and I started firing on all cylinders again. I got interested in being alive again.
I’m not saying my journey back was all beer and skittles but the tea really helped me cope so I could fully get my life back together again.
I was drinking two big mugs of tea blend a day. Three months later I was totally clear of it all. I looked and felt years younger and was really getting on with my life. The tea really works.”

Laurie has since become involved as a mentor for people with alcohol or drug dependencies.
He has been getting consistently positive results using the tea with those he is helping.

After note by the tea’s developer

Seeing Laurie’s healing and experiencing him claim his life back had a profound effect on me. It was obvious that the world had a very real need for the tea and I felt a deep moral responsibility to get it out there. Laurie is the one responsible for me committing to the long journey to producing and promoting the tea commercially. He has my deepest respect and gratitude.
Carl Sykes of Blueberry Boost Tea

Stephanie on Sleep


“What a difference it makes waking up refreshed after a good night’s sleep!”


What people are saying……..
Maryjane "my body feels clear, balanced and I feel it has actually cleansed my whole system"

I received a pkt of your beautiful Blueberry Boost Tea from Tasmania for my birthday ~ it is the most superb Blueberry Leaf Tea, that I have ever tasted ~ I have been drinking two or three cups a day and my body feels clear, balanced and I feel it has actually cleansed my whole system ~ Thankyou so much” Maryjane

Pamela "Each ingredient is a cleanser by itself and together are so much better"

This is top stuff. Great with mineral water and ice in summer and still refreshing as an after dinner cup of tea. Each ingredient is a cleanser by itself and together are so much better.” Pamela