The Blueberry Boost Team

To begin with, the tea is an incredible opportunity for a person to really make a difference in the world. It is a very direct way to impact on the quality of life of a lot of people. It is not just the fact that we can help ease the burden of diabetes or bring relief to women during menopause.

Nor is it that we also help bring light into people’s lives by helping them cope with life’s dark patches. Even helping a person to get a good night’s sleep is big; however it’s still not the best bit.

The real gem is we offer hope to people. If a person is to be involved with providing a service to the world, then it doesn’t get much more meaningful than that.

By being a source of such a precious fundamental foundation for quality of life, gives great meaning to the life of the person providing it. This is one of the true treasures of being involved with the tea and the Team.

Money is important but it is not the sparkle, nor does it provide the magic. The magic comes from people who care, from believing that every single person is important and precious. They are worth believing in and deserve the best of our efforts and intentions.

The magic is a result of focusing on being the best we can for them. Because of that, the money will come. If we only focus on ourselves and the money, it would destroy the very magic that is such an intrinsic element for the tea’s effectiveness.

The other source of the magic comes from the whole process being a team effort and again, the magic is its own reward. To be part of such an amazing and committed group of people is a special privilege.

       There is a huge difference between:

“I am making a difference”


“I am part of a special team and we are making a difference”.

       However, it is more than just a privilege.

It requires a lot of courage to care.

       To belong is important, but to belong to a group of people committed to improving the lives of others is both incredible and very humbling.

It is also very precious, rewarding and magical.

Commitment of the team.

We must never lose sight of the fact that what we do is very important to many people.

We commit to living with the dignity, respect and integrity worthy of the team and our work.

If it is “just about the money” then that person forfeits the right to be a member of the team.

To the team, my respect and deep thanks,   Carl