I am Carl Sykes, the the creator of the tea. One of the reasons I believe in the tea so powerfully is because of experiencing the difference the tea has made with my eyesight.

From suffering from myopia for my entire adult life to now where I am free of any need to wear my glasses is obviously a huge and life enhancing turn around.  But the story of the healing of my eyesight is only part of the much bigger story of my journey with the tea.

The five month journey I took to find the final recipe for the tea was a mixture of my life’s journey looking for answers, perseverance, intuition and blind faith.

I developed the tea with the specific goal of empowering the nervous system. The possibility of it interacting with a person on other levels was a complete unknown. Laurie was trialling the tea for his drug addiction with stunning results so I was aware of how effective the tea could be with strengthening the nervous system. Laurie’s story in detail

It was my experience with my eyes that literally opened my awareness of what else the tea could achieve.

I had suffered from myopia from teenage years. Myopia is nearsightedness and is the result of the iris opening too wide which apart from distorting the eye’s focal point, also lets too much light into the eye. This required prescription glasses that were also polarised because it was painful to be out in unfiltered sunlight.

I started drinking the tea at the beginning of winter and because I really enjoy its relaxing properties. Like many people, I did not like wearing my glasses and took any opportunity to leave them off. Because the winter sun in Tasmania is not very bright, there are times when one does not need eye protection.

Over the winter my eyes slowly healed but I did not know it until an experience in the spring. I was working in the blueberry orchard on a bright spring day and my father came visiting. He saw me and asked had I broken my glasses because I was not wearing them.  He had not seen me without glasses for forty odd years and so to him it was totally out of character. I reached up to my face and to my surprise my glasses were actually missing.

Here I was in bright sunshine and my eyes did not hurt. Sometime over that winter I had gotten out of the habit of wearing my glasses and I had not even realised it until that moment.

Here the story takes quite a twist. Blueberries are good for a person’s eyes. There are studies on bilberries (blueberry’s European cousin) proving the fact. An article on bilberries and eyesight

During the picking season on our orchard, I live on blueberries. Few people have the opportunity to eat “straight off the bush” fresh blueberries in the quantities that I do. Plus we are very proactively organic in our growing practices. If you would like to know more about our growing philosophies and practices please click on the following link An interview with Carl in his orchard.

I am not saying that having so many blueberries in my diet did not make a difference to my eyes. However, I was still needing to wear the hat and polarised glasses. Since that fateful spring morning I can now easily walk outside without any of my previous eye protection.  Obviously because the blueberries are now within the combined synergy of the tea’s other herbs, the potency of the blueberries is raised to a whole new level. It would help explain why the tea has such an effect with diabetes for example above and beyond blueberries on their own.

This healing effect of the tea on eyes is common feedback from diabetes who have been drinking the tea. Cheryl speaks about it in her video on diabetes for example. A link to Cheryl’s video

Because of the incredible effect the tea had with Laurie, I had already committed to taking the tea to the world. With me no longer using glasses, my belief in the potency of the tea rose to new heights. I have since listened to many people share their personal experiences and stories with the tea. The story of the tea is still far from complete. There are many more people’s lives we wish to see touched by the tea and hopefully add their experience and voice to the tea’s story.

To watch the video of me talking about my myopia, please click on this link.  Carl talking about his experience with myopia