I have been dealing with depression and anxiety on and off for quite some time. I have tried ‘natural’ remedies in the form of meditation and exercise. These did not work for me and subsequently led to me being placed on anti-depressants.

However I never liked being on them as I do not like taking tablets. After starting Blueberry Boost Tea, I found myself not taking the anti-depressants. With the okay from my doctor I have stayed off them for about two years now since purposely drinking the Tea instead.


The video where Gee speaks openly about her struggle dealing with anxiety on a daily basis and the difference the tea has made can be seen by following this link   Gee’s video

We would like to acknowledge Gee for the courage she showed making her video. She did so in the belief that others who struggle with anxiety and depression need to hear her story.

Experiencing the quiet dignity of Gee’s conviction as she speaks is an inspiration.

Our respect and gratitude

The Blueberry Boost Team on behalf of those who are touched by your story.