I came off my drug addiction by leaning heavily into Blueberry Boost Tea. I had been on Physeptone for 16 years because of a serious back injury from a car crash. My back finally came good and I wanted to stop being a Physeptone junkie.

I was not interested in swapping Physeptone for Methadone which is the standard procedure. Physeptone is an artificial form of morphine which is why it is so appallingly addictive. I wanted to be totally free of it all. I gradually cut back my dose then went cold turkey. It was as if I was a heroine addict doing cold turkey.

As you can imagine I was a total wreck. I could not focus and it was a struggle to keep two thoughts together. And my nerves were shot to hell.

I started drinking the tea the day after I went cold turkey. I felt the difference straight away. It settles my nerves and let me get focused. It helped me clear the fog in my head and i started firing on all cylinders again. I got interested in being alive again.I’m not saying my journey back was all beer and skittles but the tea really helped me cope so I could get my life back together again.

I was drinking two big cups the Blueberry Boost Tea a day. Three months later I was totally clear of it all. I looked and felt years younger and was really getting on with my life. The tea really works.

Laurie Rossiter.

Laurie’s story is expanded on the “Well being” web page¬†Laurie’s story